Thursday, November 24, 2011

How Can I Help Support My Favorite Coastal Musicians &
Get Some Great Christmas Gifts? 
Read on!
Molasses Creek 2012 Radio Quest
Spreading our music and Ocracoke Fig Cake around the globe!

Artwork by Lee Sauer

Hey fans! Molasses Creek is on the move and we're very excited!  Beginning in the spring of 2012, we are working to move Molasses Creek music onto the national scene (and beyond), touring more extensively and spreading our harmonies and love of our coastal NC home around the world. 

Stage 1: National radio promotion.  In March of 2012, Molasses Creek will be working with radio promotion specialist, Kari Estrin, of Nashville, TN to bring Molasses Creek's music to 540 folk radio programs across the US, Canada, and Europe.  Through this radio push, it is our goal to reach the upper levels of the folk-charts so that when we call concert halls in your hometown, instead of saying "Where is it you are from again?"
they will say "Yes!  I've heard of you folks and must have you come perform for us!"

All told, this radio promotion will cost approximately $14,000.  Because this is such a large investment for us, we have started a fundraising campaign with lots of wonderful incentives for contributors.  Molasses Creek invites you to be a part of the excitement. Let us entice you!
Hmm . . . might make a great Christmas present for a Molasses Creek Fan!

Donor Levels and Rewards

Payment can be made by Credit Card via our Soundside Records online store through the buttons below, or by sending a check to "Molasses Creek" PO 553, Ocracoke Island, NC 27960.  If you are sending a check or have any questions, please email us at info@molassescreek.comAlthough certain rewards will not be available until March, all orders will receive a Thank You Card from us in time for Christmas.  Please let us know if you would like to make your support a Xmas gift to a Molasses Creek fan, and we will make the card out to them! Thanks!

$3000 ~ A Molasses Creek Gathering in Your Hometown! 
Bring Molasses Creek to your home and show off to all your friends! We'll travel to your doorstep, bringing great music and that sweet & salty breeze from Ocracoke Island.  Our performance can be for anything from a private concert in your home, to a fundraiser, to a community event ~ you decide. We'll even provide the sound system. The concert is subject to Molasses Creek availability and scheduling.  Please contact us at for more information about dates & touring to your region.

$1000 ~ Ocracoke Island Lighthouse Beacon 

Thanks for helping keep our dream beacon burning!  Donors will receive our accolades in the liner notes of our March National Release Album (deadline December 31) and will be entered for a drawing for a week's lodging on Ocracoke Island (Sept-April).  Lodging is flexible, but subject to availability.

$500 ~ Treasures from the Sea

Just look what washed up on our beaches! An Ocracoke Island Gift Basket filled with some of our favorite Ocracoke treasures.  All yours for being such a wonderful supporter! The basket will be sent to you in March of 2012.

$250 ~ Sounds from the Sea
~ Thanks for answering the call!  Your reward is a Limited Release Molasses Creek Sampler Album with the band member's favorite song picks from our 124 tracks released over the past 20 years. The album will be sent to you in March of 2012.

$125 ~ Ocracoke Lifesaver 

For coming to our rescue you will receive a special Molasses Creek T-shirt in March of 2012, timed with our national release!

$50 ~  Ocracoke Fig Supporter 

You do give a fig about our music!  Yipee! As a reward you may Choose one CD from our currently available Molasses Creek store. (Catharisis, More Better Molasses Creek, Follow the Heron, or Strangest Dream),  We'll even autograph it and send it to you in time for Xmas (please order by Dec 15 for Christmas Delivery, and let us know if you prefer to not have it opened and autographed).

~ Thanks for all your support!
Gary, Fiddler Dave, Marcy, Lou, & Gerald
Your Molasses Creek crew

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