Friday, March 18, 2011

The Molasses Creek Tour Begins: Turnage Theatre, Washington, NC

Fiddler Dave attaching the roof carrier (he even gets to ride in it!)

Hi there fans,

The island crew (Gary, Dave, Marcy & Lou) spent the past two days planning and packing the van. On our recent week-long Memphis trip we honed our space saving skills, so we actually had room to spare when we caught the 7:00 AM Swan Quarter ferry this morning. Ultimately, that spare room will be filled by Gerald Hampton, his luggage, and most significantly Gerald's standup bass!

With Fiddler Dave up top looks like there is a lot of room!

Too late to turn back now. We're on the Swan Quarter Ferry!

Arriving in Swan Quarter around 9:45, we headed across Lake Mattamaskeet to Fairfield, NC for a morning mini-concert at Mattamaskeet Opportunities. After the concert we headed for Little Washington, NC (not to be confused with Little Washington, VA . . . where we are tomorrow night). On the way on 264 we passed the Zion Episcopal Church and just had to stop and do some singing.

This beautiful building was built in 1856 and boasts some mighty fine natural acoustics.

We recording a brief version of Keep on the Sunny Side -- click here.

Tonight's Concert at the Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC
Join us this evening for a Molasses Creek Concert at the Turnage Theater in Washington, NC at 8 PM. Hope to see you there! Find out more at

Tomorrow's Concert at the Washington Theatre in Washington, VA
We have heard rumors that this concert is sold out, but it would be best to double check. We are scheduled to play at 8 PM. For tickets and concert information visit the theater website at

Many Thanks to This Week's Tour Sponsors!

Thanks so much to the following folks who signed on this week to be tour sponsors! The list is growing and it helps us purchase shocks, tires, and other expensive essentials for our travel van. For those of you who would like to join them, just click on the image above and you can read more about helping us out. For $30, you can lend a hand and receive one of the first copies of the new Molasses Creek album, Catharsis, when it comes out in June . . . autographed with much appreciation from the crew!

Muchas Gracias!

Douglas McLaughlin
Gregg Southard
Kati Wharton
Jane Stott
Vickie A. Pavlik
MR & Ward Kelsey
Mary Tribble
David Masaitis
Thomas McGivern
Liz Saylor
John and Emy Hinnant
Kevin Driscoll
JoAnn & Walter Shaub
Deborah T. Leonard
Kathleen A. Weiss
Gary & Trisha L. Davis
Nora & Ed Pascht

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