Friday, October 21, 2005

New Releases at Soundside Records

On Ocracoke Island
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Molasses Creek’s “Strangest Dream” Goes to Press

Molasses Creek announced that their brand new release Strangest Dream has just been sent to press. The duplication process should take 3-4 weeks, so we are hoping to have it available to the public by the Ocrafolk Festival Thanksgiving Fundraiser concert (the Friday after Thanksgiving).

The album title is inspired by Molasses Creek’s arrangement of Steven Still’s “Find the Cost of Freedom,” and Ed McCurdy’s “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream.” Both songs address the issue of our nation’s involvement in global conflict. Gary and Kitty Mitchell were able to attend the peace march in Washington a couple of weekends ago where they handed out advance copies of the recordings in support of the movement for America’s peaceful presence in the world.

Along with new originals by Gary Mitchell and Fiddler Dave Tweedie, Molasses Creek also covers a version of Phil Rosenthal’s “Muddy Water,” a song that many may remember from the wonderful band Seldom Scene. Although the recording of this song occurred early in the year, the track gained new meaning with the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina. We’ll tell you more about the album in the weeks to come.

John Golden Releases Hatteras Memories

John Golden has just completed mastering of his new album Hatteras Memories at Gary Mitchell’s Soundside Studio. The album features original and traditional songs inspired by the historical events and people of Hatteras Island. Special guests appearing on the album include Gary & Kitty Mitchell, Fiddler Dave Tweedie, Rob Nathanson, Phil Norris. John Currie, and Randy Drew. Hatteras Memories will be available from Soundside Records’ website in a few weeks. Here is a list of the songs:

1. Stars Over Hatteras (John Golden)
2. A Brave Band of Men (P.D. Midgett/John Golden)
3. The Lifesaver (Anonymous)
4. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (Traditional)
5. The Chicamacomico Races (John Golden)
6. Song for an Island (John Golden)
7. The Menhaden Fishermen (John Golden)
8. The Connemara Cradle Song (Traditional)
9. The Pioneer Bounty (John Golden)
10. Drifting Too Far from the Shore (Traditional)
11. The Keeper of the Light (John Golden)

Island Photographer Ann Ehringhaus Releases 2006 Calendar

Many fans of Ocracoke Island are familiar with resident photographer Ann Ehringhaus’s extensive photo-documentation of the sights and people of the island. Ann has been recording life in our area of the Outer Banks for the past three decades and has recently released a 2006 Ocracoke calendar featuring 12 of her stunning photographs. It is a great way to remember your island retreat all year long! Soundside Records in conjunction with Ann is offering a fall special of $13 per calendar (price includes tax and priority shipping). So stock up on your Christmas presents and spread the warmth of Ocracoke throughout your family. ( Here are some images from the calendar.

Off Island
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Molasses Creek at Henrico

Main Farmhouse at Meadow Farm

Molasses Creek enjoyed its visit last weekend to the Meadow Farm Harvest Festival in Henrico County outside of Richmond where they swapped out the stage with the Runaway String Band. The site was originally a 400 acre land grant to the Sheppard family in the 1700s. The present living history museum portrays life in the 1800s on a middle class farm in Virginia.

Spinning and Weaving

The festival featured farm activities of the early American farm such as cider making, candle dipping, coil pot making, scarecrow stuffing, blacksmithing, and a hay bale labyrinth. The site is open year round with different activities highlighted during each season. For more information visit their website at

The Blacksmith Shed

Stockade and Tobacco Barn

Next week meet Molasses Creek in Washington, NC for the Smoke on the Water Festival. Here are the details. See ya there!

Saturday, October 29 -- Molasses Creek will perform from 12:00-2:00 at the Smoke on the Water Barbecue Festival in downtown Washington, NC. Come on down for some great food and music!

Take care until next week!

Molasses Creek and Soundside Records.

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